AMCS - the Advanced Music Construction System

OVERVIEW				the Advance Music Construction System


	Overview: Overview


	This part of the documentation explains the general system display
layout and common functionality across the system sections.


	The initial state of the system when powered is the current section
viewed as the welcome screen, and several parts of the display are consistent
across all of the sections. Depending on the platform, to the very left of the
screen there may be some peripheral State Indicators. The State Indicators are
solely for showing a peripheral type, level or presence and they cannot be used
like conventional buttons on the system. To the center of the screen you have
the current section, this can vary in use depending on which section is
selected. There are seven sections in total which can be switched to from the
Side Bar, which is located to the right of the screen and will initially have an
AMCS logo at the head of it. The logo on the Side Bar can be toggled to present
a Cursor control Panel and below that are buttons for section selection, and at
the very bottom of the Side Bar are the undo, tempo and the Function Panel

	All but a couple of the sections have some Cursor control. Track level
presets can be recalled via the keyboard function keys in any of the sections.


	General: State Indicators
	Side Bar: Overview
	Storage Filer: Overview
	Configuration: Overview
	Instrument Configuration: Overview
	Instrument Editor: Overview
	Track Editor: Overview
	Track Mixer: Overview
	Sequence Editor: Overview
	General: Glossary

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