AMCS - the Advanced Music Construction System

OVERVIEW				the Advance Music Construction System


	Side Bar: Overview


	This part of the documentation explains the purpose of and how the Side
Bar is used. The Side Bar is always located to the right of the screen and is
the main Panel for switching between all the sections in the system, it also
serves to change the tempo and raise the Function Panel in the currently
selected section.


	The Side Bar Panel consists of an AMCS logo at its head, section
select buttons below that and the tempo and Function Panel raise buttons at the

	The following information is presented as a key image and a list of row
to column identifiers each with a function description;


		A0-A1,B0-B1	AMCS logo, switchable to the Cursor Panel
		C0		Switch to filer section
		C1		Switch to configuration section
		D0		Switch to Instrument Configuration section
		D1		Switch to Instrument Editor section
		E0		Switch to Track Editor section
		E1		Switch to Track Mixer section
		F0		Switch to Sequence Editor section
		F1		Invoke undo in current section (when captured)
		G0		Toggle play
		G1		Lock/unlock editing the current song
		H0      (upper)	Increase Tempo
		H0      (lower)	Decrease Tempo
		H1		Toggle Function Panel (if available)


	Side Bar: Cursor Panel
	General: Glossary

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