AMCS - the Advanced Music Construction System

OVERVIEW				the Advance Music Construction System


	Storage Filer: Overview


	This part of the documentation explains the purpose and use of the
Storage Filer. This section is used to maintain any removable storage mediums
as well as use them to keep songs and any other material produced with the


	This section allows access to various methods of storing and retrieving
works made with the system and importing certain data formats from other

The display consists of a list of items contained within the current group on
the removable storage media, with exception to the head of the list which is
used to quickly create and store a new item. The view itself is an eight item
portion of the entire list and is navigated using a Cursor.

The Cursor is shown as the item icon and text being highlighted, and can be
moved with the keyboard, mouse or Cursor Panel located at the head of the side
bar. If the Cursor attempts to move outside of the current portion, the view
will scroll in that direction revealing more items.

The removable storage source can be switched between three devices should the
platform allow it, these buttons are located in the Function Panel.


	Storage Filer: Notice
	Storage Filer: Function Panel
	Side Bar: Cursor Panel
	Storage Filer: Keyboard
	General: Glossary

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