AMCS - the Advanced Music Construction System

OVERVIEW				the Advance Music Construction System


	Track Mixer: Overview


	This part of the documentation explains the purpose and use of the Track
Mixer. This section handles the manipulation of cue trigger velocities and other
function parameters during a live performance.


	The Track Mixer consists of 256 vertical sliders which relate to track
levels, they are viewed as 16 sliders at a time. The Cursor is displayed as a
flashing block and the text apon it are two hexadecimal values, the upper one
indicates which track the Cursor is currently located on and the lower value
shows the current level the slider is set to. The Cursor can be moved with
either the keyboard, mouse or the Cursor Panel located at the head of the side
bar. If the Cursor attempts to move beyond the viewed 16 sliders it will scroll
the view in that direction to reveal more track levels.

	Moving the Cursor down and up will decrease or increase the current
track level, setting it to the bottom will set that track to a level of nothing
and to the top will set it to the maximum.

	Once all the track levels are set to the required values, the entire 256
levels can be stored in a preset, which can then be recalled during a live
performance with the top run of keys on the keyboard or the Function Panel.


	Track Mixer: Overview
	Track Mixer: Function Panel
	Side Bar: Cursor Panel
	Track Mixer: Keyboard
	General: Glossary

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