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	Track editor: Track matrix


	This part of the documentation explains the purpose and use of the Track
Matrix. The Track Matrix is used to edit rhythm and riff patterns. It consists
of a matrix of 256 by 256 blocks which relates as 256 track columns of 256 cue
rows. And contains the information to trigger Instrument and effect events
during playback.


	The 256 track columns escalate from left to right and the 256 cue rows
escalate from top to bottom in the track matrix.

	The track matrix is viewed as a 16 by 16 portion and is navigated using
a Cursor. The Cursor can be located on the screen as a flashing block with two
hexadecimal values apon it, it can be moved around the matrix with either the
mouse, the keyboard or the Cursor Panel. The hexadecimal values on the Cursor
are related in the track column as the upper value and the cue row as the lower

	If an attempt is made to move the Cursor beyond the viewed area, the
viewed area will scroll along the track matrix to access other track columns
and cue rows.

	To set a cue you can either use the keyboard, the "virtual piano" in the
Track Editor Function Panel or an external device to set the function,
Instrument, note and velocity for that cue. The block will then change to an
icon indicating the cue note.

	To clear a cue you can either press the space bar on the keyboard or
use the clear selected cues function located in the Track Editor Function

	Multiple blocks can be selected by either holding shift on the
keyboard whilst moving the Cursor, dragging the Cursor with the mouse or
toggling "Cursor select" in the Cursor Panel and then moving the Cursor. This
will allow modification of multiple cues in the track matrix. A range of
functions are available in the Track Editor Function Panel to modify the cues
in many ways.

	Each track column has a start and end marker for the looping of tracks
during playback, these are indicated by a coloured mark in the upper-right
corner of the track matrix block, the colour green indicates the start of a
track loop and the colour red indicates the end of a track loop. The track
markers can be set and modified with the function "set marker for the start and
end of a track loop" located in the Track Editor Function Panel.


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