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	Track Editor: Track loop markers


	This part of the documentation explains the purpose and use of the Track
Markers. The Track Markers provide a simple way to indicate where a pattern of
cues should repeat. It also allows for indefinite complex timing structures
which would normally require a vast amount of cutting and pasting in other


	The markers for a track loop in the track matrix are indicated by a
coloured square in the upper-right corner of a track matrix block, there are two
coloured squares per track column indicating the start and end of a track loop.
The colour green signifies the start of a track loop and the colour red
signifies the end of a track loop.

	The markers for the start and end of a track loop may be placed anywhere
in the cue rows of the track column, but the marker for the end of a track loop
cannot be placed before the marker for the start of a track loop.

	To set the start and end markers for one or more track loops, an
area needs to be selected in the track matrix, this can be done either by
holding the shift key on the keyboard or toggling select in the Cursor Panel and
moving the Cursor, or dragging the Cursor with the mouse. If the selected area
is one track column wide, the markers for a single track loop will be set
otherwise all spanned markers for the selected track columns will be set. The
start markers will be set to the top of the selected area and the end markers to
the bottom of the selected area. To then set the marker positions use the "set
markers for the start and end of a track loop" function located in the track
editor Function Panel.

	If the marker for the start of a track loop is not at the top of the
track matrix, this will be handled as an introduction during playback.

	Additional hint markers may be present in the lower-left corner of a
track matrix block, a small blue marker indicates the track matrix block relates
to the current instrument.


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