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FUNCTION PANEL				the Advance Music Construction System


	Storage Filer: Function Panel


	This part of the documentation explains the purpose and use of the
Function Panel. The Storage Filer Function Panel has a range of options to
manipulate various storage devices or, store and retrieve all or components of
a song.


	The Function Panel in the Storage Filer section can be raised with
either the menu key on the keyboard, the middle mouse button (if present) or
the toggle Panel button on the Side Bar, the Panel itself consists of a grid of
icons which can be pressed and are normally subdivided into groups by the type
of their action and what they change.

	The following information is presented as a key image and a list of row
to column identifiers each with a function description;


		A0		Select SD storage device
		A1		Select USB storage device
		A2		Select FD storage device
		A3		Refresh filer
		A4		Validate storage device
		A5		Format storage device
		A6		Toggle validate storing
		A7		Toggle additional retrieve bank

		B0		Close current group to root
		B1		Open selected group
		B2		Create an item
		B3		Create a group
		B4		Relabel group or item
		B5		Copy selected item to cache
		B6		Paste a cached item to storage device
		B7		Remove a group or item

		C0		Store the current song
		C1		Store Instruments from the current song
		C2		Store the track cues and markers from the
				current song
		C3		Store the mixer levels and presets from the
				current song
		C4		Store the sequence form the current song
		C6		Store the current Instrument in SYX format
		C7		Store the current instruemnt in S16 format

		D0		Retrieve a song
		D1		Retrieve the Instruments from an item
		D2		Retrieve the track cues and markers from an item
		D3		Retrieve the mixer levels and presets from an
		D4		Retrieve the sequence from an item
		D5		Retrieve the song from an item additionally into
				a bank
		D6		Retrieve the Instruments additionally into a
		D7		Retrieve the track cues and markers additionally
				into a bank


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	Storage Filer: Notice
	Side Bar: Cursor Panel
	Storage Filer: Keyboard
	General: Glossary

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