AMCS - the Advanced Music Construction System

NOTICE					the Advance Music Construction System


	Storage Filer: Notice


	This part of the documentation is to highlight any issues that may arise
when using removable devices, media and filing systems.


	Do not use a removable storage media other than what is intended for use
with this system. Doing so may result in data corruption or loss.

	Data corruption or loss caused by any other operating systems is
absolutely not covered by 3rd Event Technologies or any associated entities.

	This system does not support anything other than 12 and 32 bit versions
of FAT, which version being used depends on the removable storage device.

	SD cards larger than 4GB may perform incorrectly due to support not
being a requirement. To put this in context an average song without any Waveform
Sample Instruments will be only a few kilobytes in size, a single gigabyte could
easily hold hundreds of thousands of these songs.

	The SD filesystem is limited to 512 items per group. It is recommended
you keep your work in a reasonably tidy layout, use groups to collate sets or
even MIDI device specific songs if your setup changes per performance.

	Filename lengths will be capped to sixteen characters on modifying a
group, do not use a storage media other than what is intended for this system.

	Ejecting a removable storage whilst accessing it for modification will
give undesirable results, please do not do it.

	Always backup your works. All removable storage filesystems are cross
compatible with anything able to access a FAT format storage media. Although it
is not recommended to use the removable storage media for storing anything other
than with this system.

	The firmware on the bootable system SD is visible and removable. Due to
differences between architectures it was considered better for system upgrading
to just explain this than add extra functionality to obscure the firmware. It
is wise to exercise caution when modifying the same group the firmware exists
in. However, 3rd Event Technologies will offer the firmware for your system for
download, to restore yourself in the event of an issue.


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