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SHUFFLE NOTATION			the Advance Music Construction System


	System Configuration: Shuffle Notation


	This part of the documentation explains how Shuffle Notation is written
in the System Configuration. The Shuffle Notation forms the timing shape of cue
triggering during playback when shuffle is enabled.


	Shuffle Notation allows for complete control over the timing of a
standard beat repetition in the system. The shuffle length ideally needs to be
even, otherwise the shuffle will time oddly.

	Once a notation is entered into the option, it will be verified to
make sure the shuffle will keep a solid repetition. This is signified by the
word PASS next to the notation, otherwise the word FAIL if the syntax or timing
is incorrect.

	Phase sets the initial polarity and interleave cycle at which the
polarity changes, this means a setting of '2 late' will change the polarity
every 2 cues and begin late.

	Skew will modify any distortion notation to be more or less effective.

	Intensity will modify the overall shuffle timing, a higher setting will
give a stricter shuffle.

	The system will not check the timing is balanced, this is down to the
user to hear what is set. Distortions on a long pattern with a short polarity
interleave cycle must be balanced in the primary and seconary parts to keep
shuffle timing equilibrium.

	Below is a list of symbols, they are presented as the symbol used in
the notation with a description;

		Notation Symbol		Description
		----------------------- ---------------------------------------

		=			No timing distortion (not skewed)
		<			Subtractive distortion (+(1-f))
		>			Additional distortion (+f)

		0			No cue tick division (only used with =)
		1			A whole cue tick (only used with =)
		2			Half a cue tick (not used with =)
		3			Third of a cue tick (not used with =)
		4			Quarter of a cue tick (not used with =)
		5			Fifth of a cue tick (not used with =)

	Visualised examples;

		Pattern; =0=1=0=1
		Phase;   2 late
Pattern; =0<4=0=1=0=1=0<4 Phase; 2 late
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