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FUNCTION PANEL (SECONDARY)		the Advance Music Construction System


	Instrument Editor: Function Panel (secondary)


	Only applicable to implementation 1 and onward.

	This part of the documentation explains the purpose and use of the
Function Panel. The Instrument Editor Function Panel offers a multitude of
methods to modify the currently selected Instrument.


	The Function Panel in the Instrument Editor section can be raised with
either the menu key on the keyboard, the middle mouse button (if present) or the
toggle Panel button on the Side Bar, the Panel itself consists of a grid of
icons which can be pressed and are normally subdivided into groups by the type
of their action and what they change. Some operations of the individual icons
can also process a selection of items. To access secondary or tertiary panels, the toggle
Panel button on the Side Bar will indicate which panel is present and can be set
by raising multiple times.

	The following information is presented as a key image and a list of row
to column identifiers each with a function description;


		A0		Waveform draw pull in
		A1		Waveform draw line
		A2		Waveform draw line exponential start
		A3		Waveform draw line exponential end
		A4		Waveform draw line exponential inverse
		A5		Waveform draw line exponential

		B0		Waveform draw line convex
		B1		Waveform draw line apex
		B2		Waveform draw line dip
		B3		Waveform draw line hump
		B4		Waveform draw line pit
		B5		Waveform draw line spike

		C0		Waveform selection degrade
		C1		Waveform selection smooth
		C2		Waveform selection drop
		C3		Waveform selection raise
		C4		Waveform selection flip
		C5		Waveform selection invert

		D0		Change the current view scale
		D1		Toggle the Waveform edit mono
		D2		Toggle the Waveform draw
		D3		Cut the current selection
		D4		Copy the current selection
		D5		Paste

		A6		Waveform selection contract
		B6		Waveform selection expand
		C6		Waveform selection quieter
		D6		Waveform selection louder

		A7-A12 (upper)	Change the current Cursor position
		A7-A10 (lower)	Change the current Sample value
		A11    (lower)	Select the Waveform channel A
		A12    (lower)	Select the Waveform channel B
		B7-B12 (upper)	Change the current selection start
		B7-B12 (lower)	Change the current selection end
		C7-C12 (upper)	Change the current start
		C7-C12 (lower)	Change the current end
		D7-D12 (upper)	Change the current loop start
		D7-D12 (lower)	Change the current loop end

		A13		Set start and end to the current selection
		A14		Set loop start and end to the current selection
		A15		Select the current loop
		B13		Move the current selection left
		B14		Move the current selection right
		B15		Extend the current selection to silent points
		C13		Set the start to the current Cursor position
		C14		Set the end to the current Cursor position
		C15		Trim to the current start and end
		D13		Set the loop start to the Cursor position
		D14		Set the loop end to the Cursor position
		D15		Deselect/select all


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