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CONFIGURING A WAVEFORM FUNCTION		the Advance Music Construction System


	Instrument Configuration: Configuring a Waveform Function


	This part of the documentation explains how an Instrument Configuration
is performed. Similar operations in this system section have differing options
and only those are listed here. The Instrument Configuration is used to set
parameters for how the Instrument, Effect or Function behaves whilst being


	A Waveform Function is a special type of Instrument which can automate
the various attributes of the cue triggers playing at the time. To access the
type of Instrument as a Waveform Function you have to create a Waveform Effect
and then change the Instrument group to a Waveform Function.

	The configuration for a Waveform Function has different options
following "continuous" from other Instrument types, only those options are
listed below. Most options will have arrow icons next to the setting to indicate
that it can be changed in a certain way, an arrow going right is to suggest that
the content can be edited via keyboard or the virtual keyboard in the parameter
editor section of the system, and arrows going up and down are to toggle or,
increase or decrease the current value.


		The Function duration time is shown to the right of the Function
Path Sample length and is relative to a centisecond rate.


		This indicates what Instrument should be used in conjunction
with the selected Function.

						Range: 0-255, Default: 0


		Switching this option will cause the Function to either
terminate at the next loop ending or at the end of the Function Path.

						Default: NO


		Toggling this will invoke playback of the Function Path to recur
in the loop markers whilst a cue trigger is held.

						Default: YES


		Modifying this will cause the Function Path to restart everytime a
cue is triggered.

						Default: NO


		This will switch the method in which the audio is Functioned
with its reference. "D" indicates Destination which is the existing reference
audio, "S" indicates Source which is the audio sample within the Instrument, and
these will both be included within an algebraic formula in standard notation.
The formula relates directly to how the Function is handled mathematically
during playback. Only certain Functions will support this.

						Default: D+S


		Changing this will increase or decrease the division of the rate
at which the Function Path will be referenced during play.

						Range: 1-256, Default: 1


		Altering this will modify the amount the Function is present
during playback.

						Range: 0-255, Default: 255


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