AMCS - the Advanced Music Construction System

AMCS WW7 workstations are now available, subject to stock. We currently have only 4.

What is the WW7 workstation?

Due to our current computer board manufacturer VIA Technologies moving away from producing boards for Netbooks, we have had to rethink how to package the AMCS system.

The WW7 is a small workstation design of AMCS. It is housed in a very tough case and has dimensions of only 22cm wide by 11cm deep by 4.4cm high.

Each unit is manufactured and assembled by a highly trained team of experts (who have also been drafted in to make AMCS products).


the WW7 workstation

the WW7 workstation

Why should I not buy this system?
  • If you are looking for a MIDI stream recording/phrase trigger based sequencer, AMCS is not what you need. AMCS is a standalone multi-track quantised poly-loop sequencer (like a sort of insanely powerful fairground organ engine).

  • If you want to buy kit to sit on a shelf and appreciate in value, AMCS is not what you need, infact we have no interest in making our products unaffordable to any music producers.

  • If you are looking for an immaculate factory finished product to boast about to people, AMCS is not what you need. Every unit is built manually and everything is really tight on cost, so each will have its own small imperfections. Products may also contain Chihuahua hair.

  • If you plan to try AMCS but not invest any time in understanding how to sequence with it, AMCS is not what you need. AMCS is not for pretend performance, instead it is likely the most powerful MIDI music production system ever made and in-turn will reward those who wish to dig completely in to any MIDI device and explore their imagination.

Why should I buy the system?
  • This is the first full system release until we have expanded our product range, which will take a lot of research and time (we are constantly chasing the embedded computer industry).

  • We have been extremely competitive with our pricing, so we hope anyone can afford this system.

  • This system is lightweight and robust, it will take being slung in a bag for travel and power up straight away at your gig. Absolutely no messing around.

  • Own a piece of British made Music Technology that is formed out of a passion for making Electronic Music, a lineage of two decades of tinkering and derived with the classic Acorn Archimedes computer, which it still works with!

I already have a sequencer, why replace it?

You do not have to. AMCS compliments other MIDI sequencers rather than replaces them. It can be used on its own, or aid other sequencers which lack the ability to delve fully into the MIDI architecture, just simply record the AMCS system. Plus at this price you can afford to own both.

Someone down the pub told me AMCS is rubbish!

How would they know if they've never used it? Besides they still owe you 20 quid.

Someone down the pub told me AMCS was just like another sequencer!

You really need to stop listening to these people for advice.

How do I buy one?

AMCS is only available to buy in the United Kingdom, one per customer.

The price per system is currently a very competitive launch offer of 249 GBP.

Which includes;

The AMCS WW7 workstation

A 4GB system storage and key card

A compatible USB-MIDI interface

A compatible USB touchpad keyboard

Free downloadable critical updates when available

And requires but not included;

A HDMI or VGA cable

A 800x600 resolution compatible HDMI or VGA display

(We recommend a display size of at least 9.7")

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Deliveries are to the United Kingdom only and please allow up to 28 days.

Any queries, please contact us via e-mail at

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