AMCS - the Advanced Music Construction System

The AMCS WW7 workstation is the more capable of our products, with VGA connection video, high quality audio output and sampling. Like all of our devices it also has HDMI, four USB ports for keyboard/mouse control and up to three MIDI adapters.

The dedicated operating system is a tracker-like interface with support for up to 256 tracks by 256 steps. All the tracks are independent poly loops fed in to a 256 channel mixer with multiple setting recall. Everything can be modified during play without any lagging.

The case is a robust ABS shell with dimensions of 22cm by 11cm deep by 4.4cm high.


the WW7 workstation

the WW7 workstation

AMCS is only available to buy in the United Kingdom, one per customer.

The price per system is currently a very competitive offer of 249 GBP.


Which includes;

The AMCS WW7 workstation

A 4GB system storage and key card

A compatible USB-MIDI adapter

A compatible USB touchpad keyboard

Free downloadable critical updates when available

And requires but not included;

A HDMI or VGA cable

A 800x600 pixel resolution compatible HDMI or VGA display

(We recommend a display size of at least 9.7")

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Deliveries are to the United Kingdom only and please allow up to 28 days.

Any queries, please contact us via e-mail at

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