AMCS - the Advanced Music Construction System

Missing Features
  • MIDI pass-through is currently unavailable
  • Simultaneous keyboard note entry is currently unavailable
  • Not all sequencer functions are available
  • USB HID devices with unusual configurations are unsupported
  • Audio recording on the Acorn Archimedes architectures is unsupported
Known Issues
  • Insert Track and then Undo in the Track Editor will not Undo the Mixer, use Remove Track rather than Undo.
  • Audio recording is appended to the selected Waveform Instrument due to processing constraints
  • Effect rate may be inconsistent due to processing priority
  • Internal audio may have latency due to processing priority
  • Polyphony loading of internal audio handling will effect other lower priority processes
  • WM8850 HID keyboard/touchpad controller has an initial delayed action (hardware issue, looking for workaround)
  • Internal audio compression is slow on the A3000 (hardware issue, looking for workaround)
If the system is displaying an error message or in exceptional circumstances a border colour and it is unrelated to any of these issues, please report it via e-mail to

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